Genesis Fund

We help young people find and do what they love.

Young people should:

We think a world where every young person can do this is possible.

This is all true, so why do we still drudge through school and into careers we're not excited about?

Whatever it is, we're going to help. Our goal is to create new young people systems.

Life is short. It shouldn't be lived in fear, but with energy and optimism.

If you're young and agree, join us.

This is what we do:

  1. Our basic goal is to remove the cultural, emotional, and practical barriers that "doing your own thing" has right now.
  2. So, if you need some money for equipment or a textbook or something else that'll help you, we got you. Just ask and let us know what you need.
  3. If you want to meet close friends who inspire and motivate you, join our Discord community. We meet every week in learning groups, game nights, watch-alongs, and discussion groups.
  4. Check out our content on Twitch & YouTube. Our goal is to help you learn by listening in on others' problems and solutions.
  5. If you're ready to make your project into the Next Big Thing, let us know. We'll fund you for 6-12 months to figure it out and get you co-living with awesome friends. (This is a "coming soon" feature, but we're dead-serious about it).
  6. To get started and join Genesis, email It doesn't need to be fancy. A quick message with your name, your age, and something you think is cool is good.

If you have money and want to help, email All money donated goes directly to young people pursuing their passions.

© The Genesis Fund.