this is a personal site now

i'm steven. here's my twitter. i'm from the seattle area and currently live here.

this domain used to house a grant program i tried to start in march 2022. it was really the inflection point for me, at a point where i was given way more than i "deserved." it was my "genesis" moment.... ahaha... anyways, i'd like to pay it forward however i can. if you want to do cool things but are completely lost or unproven, hmu: email me at firstname@website

some things i want to do (non-exhaustive, of course, but these are all things i'm confident i want to do, if fate allows):

on all the above, i'm operating w/ the understanding that if you've shown the world you're really really really good at one thing, it's much much much easier to get people to take you seriously for other things you wanna do


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